Seminário Internacional: What Separates Humans from Apes

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31/08/2016 13:00
Auditório 3, ICB/UFMG - Av. Pres. Antônio Carlos, 6627, Belo Horizonte - MG
31270-901, Brasil

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Since Darwin published his two great books, Origins of Species (1859) and Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), evolutionary biologists, anthropologists and even philosophers have sought to determine what separates humans from the other primates. Just what is it that makes humans unique and how and when did this happen? The Victorian age set the stage for the battles to come and divided the discussion into two parts. The physical evolution of the body, including the genealogical relationship of humans to apes as opposed to the behavioral, mental and cultural evolution of humans. This seminar will explore how these discussions developed over time and what some of the contemporary arguments entail.

Data: 31/08/2016
Horário: 13:00
Local: Auditório 3, ICB/UFMG
Palestrante: Roscoe Stanyon – Dipartimento di Biologia, Laboratori di Antropologia, Università di Firenze

O Prof. Roscoe Stanyon é convidado da Profª. Marta Svartman do Depto. de Biologia Geral (ramal 2612).



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